• Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Empty beaches and amazing views are waiting for you.
  • Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Amazing sunsets around Koh Tao
  • Ang Thong National Park

    Ang Thong National Park

    Sail with us to the beautiful Ang Thong National park.

Sailing Koh Tao - Feel the freedom

Koh Tao Sailing - Ever wonder what it would be like to sail the rich tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand? Well wonder no more, Sailing in Koh Tao has never been easier or more enjoyable.  Whether your desire is learning how to be a certified crew member, or simply to enjoy a magnificent sunset sail, experiences aboard Koh Tao Yachts are plentiful for travelers all year round.  Take in the beautiful waters, enjoy a snorkel, feel the wind through your hair, or have a romantic cheer, sailing is an affordable luxury that should not be missed.

Ang Thong Marine Park Sailing Adventure

  • IMG 8757Duration: 2 - 5 daysBook now
  • Min people: 4
  • Max people: 8


The sailing adventure to Ang Thong national marine park is a 2 - 5 days sailing  and camping adventure.  The trip combines sailing the beautiful waters of the gulf of Thailand, and exploration of the beautiful island archipelago of Ang Thong national marine park.  Overnight accommodation will be camping style in tents on the island Koh Wua Talap at the rangers base camp where tents (included) and food (not included) will be provided.  Group sizes will be kept to a maximum of 8 people allowing for a comfortable and intimate group adventure.  It is possible to charter the entire Yacht with a maximum of 3 people and sleep directly on the Yacht itself.  Charter prices are more expensive, so the camping option is the best budget adventure experience.  Depending on the time of month, the return trip back from Ang Thong national marine park can drop travelers off at Koh Phangan in time for the full moon party.  If you would like to experience the adventure that ends with a bang, then double check the dates of the Full Moon Parties and confirm the drop-off at the time of booking this adventure.


Ocean Hiker Sailing Course (Koh Tao)

  • Duration: 5 daysKoh Tao Sailing - Fun on the boatBook Now
  • Min. people: 1
  • Max. people: 6
  • Cerification: Competent Crew


After 5 days you can expect to log at least 100 Natutical Miles including a 4 hour overnight sail.  All the standards in the Ocean Hiker Sailing Course are equivalent to the RYA Competent Crew Certificate, and upon completion of the course you will receive an Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Card recognizable by other certifying agencies.  At the end of the course students will leave with the essential knowledge of sailing, basic knowledge of ocean sailing, and most importantly confidence.


Sailing Course Thailand (live aboard)

  • Duration: 5 daysSailing around Koh Tao inquiriesbutton32000
  • Min. people: 2
  • Max. people: 3
  • Cerification: Competent Crew


The sailing course Thailand is designed to give you the complete experience of a passage by living aboard the yacht Yun Khan for 5 days.  The yacht will travel between the surrounding islands, allowing you to log a minimum of 100 Nautical hours, 4 of which will be overnight.  During the course, the required academics will be covered, and the practical skills will be taught and shared among the students, instructor, and crew.  Beyond the sailing duties, all other on board responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and night shifts will be shared.  Every evening dinner will be served on land however which islands and locations will be determined by current weather conditions.  Upon completion of the course you will receive an Ocean Hiker Competent Crew card recognizable by other certifying agencies.  Experiencing a real passage over the 5 days will give you the most authentic experience of Ocean sailing, and builds passion for life on the sea.