• Climbing Koh Tao

    Climbing Koh Tao

    Come and experience a view from the top.
  • Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Magical spots with natural wonder.
  • Feel the Natural Granite

    Feel the Natural Granite

    Beautiful landscape to excite any climber.

Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Discover Rock Climbing


  • Length: Half dayDiscover climbingBook now
  • Difficulty: Easy


Discover Rock Climbing is a half day course designed to familiarize you with the basic principles of rock climbing and climbing techniques. A trained instructor is responsible for all safety precautions and offers minimal academics.  This allows for more time to discover rock climbing around Koh Tao.  If the Discover course only made you want to keep climbing, then Rock I course can be the next step offering more knowledge and instruction.

  • No experience needed
  • Just get on the Rocks!