• Climbing Koh Tao

    Climbing Koh Tao

    Come and experience a view from the top.
  • Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Magical spots with natural wonder.
  • Feel the Natural Granite

    Feel the Natural Granite

    Beautiful landscape to excite any climber.

Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Rock 2 Anchors & Advanced Climbing

  • Length: 2 daysrockclimbing rock2 1Book now
  • Difficulty: Medium


The Rock 2 Anchors and Advanced climbing course will teach you to construct fixed and natural anchors for more independance with your climbing.  The course really gives you a base understanding of how these systems work. The second day introduces a bouldering session to help you develop more advanced moves and improve your technique on the rocks. 

Knowledge and Skills covered:

DAY 1:

  • In depth overview of rock climbing safety equipmen
  • Principles of top rope anchor systems
  • Ground school including
      • Equalization of rock climbing protection
      • Route selection
      • Top rope anchor site selection
      • Assessing and backing-up fixed anchors
  • On site basic anchor building on fixed bolts
  • Advanced knots for climbers (clove hitch, fisherman's knot, water knot)
  • Building and evaluating anchor systems
  • Rappelling on steep terrain

DAY 2:

  • Introduction to bouldering
  • Advanced climbing techniques such as heel hooks, stemming and layback's
  • Natural anchor theory and practice
  • Natural anchor constuctionm and more climbing


Prerequisite: Completion of Rock I or consent of Outdoor Program Coordinator