• Climbing Koh Tao

    Climbing Koh Tao

    Come and experience a view from the top.
  • Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Magical spots with natural wonder.
  • Feel the Natural Granite

    Feel the Natural Granite

    Beautiful landscape to excite any climber.

Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Rock 5 Multipitch Climbing

  • Length: 2 daysRock 5Book now
  • Difficulty: Advanced


The Rock 5 Multipitch Climbing course is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Multipitch climbing.

* please note that this course is introduction only. On Koh Tao there isn't a wide range of multi-pitch climbs naturally available. This course will teach you all the skills you need to know (and more) to put into practice in the multi-pitch arena elsewhere.


  • In depth overview of Multi-Pitch climbing including variations, areas, ethics
  • Belaying from top of climb
  • Seconding a climb
  • Climbing in a group of three
  • Efficiency at belay ledge
  • Swapping leads
  • Communication in MP environment
  • Falling factors and avoidance
  • Double vs single rope techniques
  • Abseiling from MP climb

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock 3 or Rock 4 or consent of Outdoor Program Coordinator