• Climbing Koh Tao

    Climbing Koh Tao

    Come and experience a view from the top.
  • Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Check out the Boulders in the Secret Garden

    Magical spots with natural wonder.
  • Feel the Natural Granite

    Feel the Natural Granite

    Beautiful landscape to excite any climber.

Koh Tao Rock Climbing

Rock 6 Rescue Course

  • Length: 1 dayRock 6Book now
  • Difficulty: Advanced


The Rock 6 Rescue course is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Rescue skills.  There will be an in depth overview of rescue techniques and scenarios.

The course is tailored (but not exclusive) to:

  • Swapping belayers
  • Top rope rescue
  • Passing knots through belay devices
  • Escaping the belay system
  • Hauling a conscious climber
  • Hauling an unconscious climber
  • Rescuing an injured abseiler

*this course is best split into half days as the learning is very in-depth.

Prerequisite: Completion of Rock II with a comprehensive knowledge of climbing knots