• Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Sailing in Ang Thong National Park

    Empty beaches and amazing views are waiting for you.
  • Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Sunset cruise around the Island.

    Amazing sunsets around Koh Tao
  • Ang Thong National Park

    Ang Thong National Park

    Sail with us to the beautiful Ang Thong National park.

Sailing Koh Tao - Feel the freedom

Ang Thong Marine Park Sailing Adventure

  • IMG 8757Duration: 2 - 5 daysBook now
  • Min people: 4
  • Max people: 8


The sailing adventure to Ang Thong national marine park is a 2 - 5 days sailing  and camping adventure.  The trip combines sailing the beautiful waters of the gulf of Thailand, and exploration of the beautiful island archipelago of Ang Thong national marine park.  Overnight accommodation will be camping style in tents on the island Koh Wua Talap at the rangers base camp where tents (included) and food (not included) will be provided.  Group sizes will be kept to a maximum of 8 people allowing for a comfortable and intimate group adventure.  It is possible to charter the entire Yacht with a maximum of 3 people and sleep directly on the Yacht itself.  Charter prices are more expensive, so the camping option is the best budget adventure experience.  Depending on the time of month, the return trip back from Ang Thong national marine park can drop travelers off at Koh Phangan in time for the full moon party.  If you would like to experience the adventure that ends with a bang, then double check the dates of the Full Moon Parties and confirm the drop-off at the time of booking this adventure.


 First DayFull speed from koh Tao to Ang Thong

The Yacht, Yun Khan will depart from Koh Tao at 8:00am.  The Yacht will cover a distance of 35 nautical miles to the rangers base camp in Koh Wua Talap island in Ang Thong national marine park.  Lunch and snacks will be provided aboard the Yacht.  Upon arrival to the island, base camp will be set up with the tents provided and dinner can be purchased at the park rangers restaurant.

Second Day

Hilltop in Ang Tong National ParkThe second day begins with breakfast at the park rangers restaurant (not included).  Once full and energized the group will set out to climb about 300 meters above sea level to a breathtaking viewpoint of the park and the pristine surrounding waters.  Along the climb, monkeys can be spotted and other tropical animal inhabitants can be admired.  The hike continues to Ang Thong Bua Boke Cave on Koh Wua Talap island.  Lunch will be served aboard the yacht offering a nice rest from the morning activities while sailing to Koh Mea Koh island for more afternoon exploration.  On Koh Mea Koh, the adventure continues to explore the famous inner lake popularized by the book "The Beach" by Alex Garland.  The waters of this magical place will inspire and mesmerize any visitor.   The second day will end with a sail back to the park rangers base camp were dinner will be served (not included) and tents ready for a night of rest.

Third Day

Sailing back to Koh Tao, relaxing on the top deckThe third day of the sailing adventure begins with breakfast at the park rangers restaurant (not included).  Once camp is broken down the group boards the Yacht and begins its 35 nautical mile adventure back to Koh Tao.  Lunch will be provided on board the yacht, and the option to depart on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon party is available during the monthly party days.

Prices include: 

  • lunch
  • soft drinks
  • snorkeling gear
  • accommodation in 2 person tents

Prices do not include: 

  • breakfast and dinner
  • alcoholic drinks
  • National Park Fee (200 THB per Trip)
  • holiday and medical insurance

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Charter Days

Group of 4

Group of 5
Group of 6
Group of 7
Group of 8
2 days 25 680 THB 32 100 THB 38 520 THB 44 940 THB 51 360 THB
3 days 38 520 THB 48 150 THB 57 780 THB 67 410 THB 77 040 THB
4 days 51 360 THB 64 200 THB 77 040 THB 89 880 THB 102 720THB
5 days 64 200 THB 80 250 THB 96 300 THB 112 350 THB 128 400 THB