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    Welcome To Paradise!

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    Koh Tao Diving

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    Breathtaking Beaches

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    Living the Life on a Tropical Island

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Vehicle Rentals

One of the great things about Koh Tao is that the island is very small and can be explored in a day.  The island is only 21 square kilometer big and it is a lot of fun to just rent a scooter, push bike or an ATV here and cruise arround.

Do I Need a Vehicle?
If you are staying in Sairee Beach, you will likely find that you won’t need a vehicle at all, but may want to rent a scooter, or 4 wheeler for some exploring of the island.  If you are renting one of the vacation rental homes on Koh Tao, keep in mind that most are located slightly out of town(especially the places with a good view), so you will likely want some type of transport, such as a bicycle, scooter or 4-wheeler.

Are there Taxi’s?
Yes! There are modified pick up trucks all over the island that serve as Taxis. Taxi drivers hang around main intersctions in Mae Haad, Sairee and Chalok Ban Khao. If you don't see any around, just ask the locals and they will point you to one of the drivers. Prices vary a lot. Taxis cost between 300 and 1000 THB per trip. If you share one it can get as cheap as 100 THB per person. If you want to catch a ride late at night prices might be very high and you have to try to bargain hard to get a good price.

Koh Tao Tip: If you are staying at a rental house or outside of town, and plan to use a taxi later that night, call in advance, as taxis are more difficult to obtain after dark.  The same goes for if you are heading out to dinner, arrange earlier in the evening for the taxi to come get you at a certain time.

Bike/ATV Rental: 

Bikes are between 150 - 600 THB per day depending on the kind of bike you want to rent. With ATVs you are looking at 350 - 1500 THB depending on the model . If you rent a vehicle for longer time(1 week/1 month) you get better prices on the rental. They are not insured so be careful and don't risk anything. When you rent a vehicle you normally have to leave your Passport with the rental agency. They keep it as deposit. CHECK THE BIKE before you rent it. Many rental places service their bikes pretty bad, and just fix the appearence of it. Look for oil leakage on the bottom and check the breaks. Take a testdrive before you rent it. Remember: You brake the Bike/ATV you pay. You scratch it they will also charge you. Koh Tao has some very bad roads. Only ride your bike/ATV on roads you feel safe. Tipp: It is more safe to have a bike per person, because some of the cheaper scooters have a limited amount of power when it comes to riding up very steep roads. The bike might just stopp with two people on it. If you stay on the main road it is pretty safe.
Koh Tao is one of the few islands in Thailand, where you will not be fined if you drive without a helmet. For your safety,  Kohtao.Asia recommends to wear a helmet if you drive a scooter.


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